Reasons to Cook at Home

Good Day's Jason Harper, talks with Dr. Deborah Matthews about the toxic chemicals found in foods when eating out and how cooking at home can help prevent serious health problems.

Getting Results with the "Warrior Method"

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month happening now, Author and Cancer Survivor Bershan Shaw joins Good Day Charlotte about her method she uses that changed her life around.

Carolina Breast Friends

Two-time breast cancer survivor Charmaine Tyson from Carolina Breast Friends along with AR Workshop co-owners Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff previews the Chunky Knit Blanket Workshop Wednesday.

Getting results to beat childhood cancer

Photographer Darren Bowen and Santa Claus join Good Day Charlotte Anchor Jason Harper to talk about how they're joining forces to help get results and beat childhood cancer.

Team Ally Foundation

Ally Davis and her father Preston talk about her journey as she battles leukemia lymphoma.

Swim Across America

Swim Across America CEO Rob Butcher and swim coach Patty Waldron has details on how you can get results for cancer with taking a swim.

Hoppin' Helps

Rich Moyer and Scotty Kent give details about upcoming silent auction Hoppin' Helps, a benefit event for 3-year-old Mackenzie Lynn baron who was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer.