Reacting to the Election Results

UNC Charlotte political science professor Eric Heberlig visits Good Day Charlotte to talk about the winners and losers of the midterm elections.

Pat McCrory on the Primary Election

Good Day Anchor, Jason Harper, talks with Governor Pat McCrory, now Radio Host with WBT, about the North Carolina primary election and the national implications it could have in the general election in November.

Charlotte Riots One Year Later

Providence Day Coach, Braxton Winston, became a viral sensation last year when a video of him confronting a CMPD officer was posted to the web. Now one year later, he has been elected to Charlotte City Council. Good Day Anchor, Jason Harper, sits down with Mr. Winston to discuss what he's seen in Charlotte in the year since the riots and what he still thinks needs to change.

The Election and Your Money

Good Day's Barbara Lash talks to Chris Zaccarelli, The Chief Investment Officer at Cornerstone Wealth about how the election could be affecting the stock market.