Unplug from Social Media

Emma Husk from A College Students Perspective gives Good Day Charlotte's Page Fehling and Jason Harper advice on how to get their children to unplug from social media.

Social PETWorking Month

Kristin Johnson from Charlotte SPCA comes into Good Day Charlotte to talk about how to help homeless pets through social media.

Social Media Dysmorphia

Good Day Anchors, Jason Harper and Page Fehling, talk with doctors Bryan and Kara Criswell about a form of body dysmorphic disorder that stems from the use of social media apps.

Social Media and Divorce

Good Day Charlotte's Page Fehling gets a lesson on how deleting post on social media can lead to serious consequence from Nicole Sodoma from Sodoma Law.

Life of a Style Blogger

Good Day’s Page Fehling talks with Charlotte Style Blogger, Vanessa Krombeen, about how she landed one of the coolest jobs around.

Don't Make These Business Mistakes

Good Day's Page Fehling sits down with inspirational speaker Stephanie Melish to discuss mistakes that businesses are making and how you can avoid doing the same!

Helping Animals on Social Media

Good Day's Page Fehling talks to Kristen Johnson from the Greater Charlotte SPCA for tips on how you can help animals while scrolling on your favorite social media platform.

Best Social CLT Contest: WINNER

Good Day's Felicia Lawrence talks to Corri Smith who reveals Bring Back The Buzz as the winner of Black Wednesday's Best Social CLT contest.

Best Social CLT Contest

Good Day's Page Crawford talks to Corri Smith about Black Wednesday's Best Social CLT Contest ahead of the winner announcement.