Wednesday Morning Forecast

Sunny and chilly again today. High pressure will be the dominant weather feature through Thursday promoting dry conditions and light winds. For the end of the week, a storm system will approach from the west, bringing increasing clouds and the potential for a rainy Friday.

Tuesday Morning Forecast

Today will be sunny and cold with temperatures well below average today. High pressure will be the dominant weather feature through Thursday, promoting dry conditions, light winds, and mainly clear skies.

Monday Evening Forecast

The cold air is staying put early this week. Plan for another frigid morning Tuesday, with lows in the teens and 20s.

Monday Morning Forecast

Monday will be sunny with highs near 40 degrees. Tuesday will be clear to partly cloudy. Chances for rain into the weekend.

Friday Morning Forecast

Today will be much cooler but it'll look nice as skies will be partly sunny. A cold front comes in tomorrow and will bring a light round of cold rain with it. The mountain counties have a chance for freezing rain which has prompted the NWS to issue a winter weather advisory for the high country tomorrow between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Thursday Morning Forecast

Today and tomorrow look great with sunny skies expected… FINALLY! Today will be the last mild day as cooler air moves in for tomorrow. A cold front will move through the forecast area this morning with cool and dry high pressure spreading back over the region for Friday.

Wednesday Morning Forecast

You'll need your umbrella for one more day as scattered showers are possible today. A wet and unsettled pattern will continue today and tonight as a cold front approaches the area from the west and moves through early Thursday.