Bundle up! Temp dips into 20's, wintry mix possible Tuesday

Frigid temperatures dipped into the 20's on Saturday as a cold front moved into the region.

In lots of spots it was about 20 degrees colder this morning than it was on Friday. If you have plans to head out bundle up and grab your jacket. Otherwise grab some hot chocolate and cozy up around the fireplace.

Below freezing temperatures were expected on both Saturday and Sunday. There were Freeze Warnings until 9 a.m. in parts of Charlotte, and plants and vegetation need to be protected with insulation.


It was 18 degrees in Boone Saturday morning. The high in Charlotte on Saturday will be about 52.

No rain is expected in the area this weekend but there is a possibility of rain early next week.

There is also the possibility of a winter mix early in the week in both Caldwell and Alexander counties and the Fox 46 Neighborhood Storm Watch Team will keep you on top of it.

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