Charlotte neighbors prepare for cold weather

While we’re still in the fall season, we’ve already had tastes of colder, even freezing, weather. Charlotteans seem to have mixed reactions to the cold.

“I have sweatpants on under my jeans. It’s too cold,” said one man.

Another woman is embracing the cooler temperatures.

“It’s okay to me. It feels good. We’re originally from New Jersey so this is light. Yeah this is light compared to what we’re used to.”

Whether you love or hate the cold, colder temperatures are on the way. While temperatures in the winter fluctuate between mild and freezing, our coldest month, on average, is January.

The average high temperature in January is 50 degrees and the average low is 30 degrees. Dressing for the changing weather can be a challenge according to Pam Weathers-Underhill.

“It’s like three different seasons here. I don’t know what to come out and dress like.”

You can always check out the Neighborhood Storm Watch Team forecast to know exactly what you should wear!