Denny's sending 'mobile relief diner' to those impacted by Florence

Denny's Mobile Relief Diner 

How awesome is this? 

Denny's is sending their all-new completely-customized 'mobile relief diner' to areas throughout the Carolinas that have been affected by Hurricane Florence. 

The restaurant's 53-foot traveling kitchen will serve free, freshly-cooked pancake breakfasts during a time of critical need.

Denny’s said they plan assist those affected by Florence, helping feed local residents, first responders, volunteers and others as soon as they can. 

Built from the ground up, the 'mobile relief diner' is a fully-functional diner on wheels that was specifically designed by Denny’s to travel to virtually anywhere in the U.S. during emergency situations to serve free, hot pancakes, along with bacon, coffee and drinks.

With each deployment, the 'mobile relief diner' will work closely with local officials, disaster relief organizations, and local franchisees and store operators to identify the areas most in need.

For real-time updates on the current location of the Denny’s mobile relief diner, follow them @DennysMRD on Twitter.