North Carolina National Guard prepares for Hurricane Florence

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North Carolina National Guard 

North Carolina National Guard members with the NCHART team, Search & Rescue and Search & Report teams are preparing for Hurricane Florence. 

Their deployments will assist North Carolina Emergency Management all around the state.

FOX 46 meteorologist Nick Kosir said Hurricane Florence is generating enormous waves, as high as 83 feet (25 meters) as it makes its way toward the East Coast.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the waves were measured by satellite. The huge waves are being produced because currents are trapped by very strong winds moving in the same direction the storm's motion.

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The center's Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch is tweeting about the phenomenon.

The center of the storm is about 485 miles (785 kilometers) out to sea, with tropical-storm-force winds extending outward up to 175 miles (280 kilometers).

The North Carolina National Guard Family Programs has established a 24/7 hotline to assist service members and their families who may be affected by Florence at (984) 664-7741.