Overnight thunderstorms, heavy rain hits Charlotte area

Many people across the FOX 46 viewing area heard unusually loud, booming thunder during the overnight hours. A line of storms came through the area and while they weren’t severe storms the thunder was enough to seemingly shake your house.

Meteorologist Nick Kosir says, “We had something called inversion thunder last night. The air at the Earth’s surface was colder than the air a few thousand feet above the surface. The inversion created lid within the atmosphere.

Usually when thunder claps the sound wave will shoot down towards the ground and then bounce off the ground and shoot back up into the stratosphere where the sound dissipates. However, since there was an inversion last night the sound wave bounced off the ground and then pinged off the inversion boundary just above the ground.

The thunder waves kept bouncing between the ground and inversion making for the louder and longer lasting thunder many heard last night."

Kosir says there are no more chances for storms for the rest of the day. Just more rain showers as we can expect this rainy pattern to continue through Saturday before drier conditions prevail Sunday afternoon.