Plows, salt at the ready: Mecklenburg County prepares for winter storm

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has already put brine on roads in Mecklenburg County.

North of uptown Charlotte could see 4-8 inches of snow, while south of uptown could see 1-3 inches. Beginning Saturday night, crews will start working 12-hour shifts. NCDOT has about 125 trucks posted in Mecklenburg County alone. 

NCDOT has 3,400 tons of salt on hand in additions to plow truck to clear the roads once the storm hits. The plan is to start with the interstates and then work on primary and secondary roads.

"We do this in efforts where schools and heavily populated areas, we try to keep that into consideration when we're working through priorities," said Jon Hinson, an NCDOT maintenance engineer based in Mecklenburg County.

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Crews at Medic are also preparing.

"We are making sure all of our ambulances are functioning with the chin system which half of our trucks have or four wheel drive," said Don Shue, operations supervisor with Medic. " If they get into a situation where they're coming out of a house where there's a bad sidewalk they can put some of these down, or if they get into that situation where their tires are slipping and they need that extra grip, they can use the ice melt."

Medic says they're expecting to respond to traffic accidents throughout the storm.

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"After the event we start having medical issues or fall from people who come out of their house and don't realize their driveway is slick."

NCDOT says it could take a while to clear the roads once the storm hits, especially if the low temperatures hang around early next week.