Will cold weather keep the critters away?

Winter is more than a month away, but many folks are already preparing for the colder temperatures. And we’re not the only ones… Cue the bugs and rodents.

Colder temperatures mean that you may find a few unwelcomed guests around your home, according to Steve Hudak from Arrow Exterminators.

“When you have these colder nights, rodents, ants, and cockroaches are going to be coming toward the home looking for places to harbor and to survive when it gets colder. It’s their natural instinct to find warmer, more comfortable spaces and your home is the best place for them.”

Now is the time to inspect your home. You want to check for any cracks near windows and doors.

Make sure your doors are sealed and door sweeps are completely secure. In the kitchen, it’s best to keep food sealed and take out the trash each day. This eliminates food sources for pests.

Another important place to check—the vents outside of your home. Check them for holes.

“Anything the size of your pinky or the size of a dime, a rodent can get into—mice. Anything the size of a quarter a rat can get into.”

If you’ve taken all these steps and still have pests in or around your home, call an exterminator.